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Smart Eco-curtain
Smart Eco-curtain

“Smart Eco-curtain” is a solar powered curtain. The most innovative aspect of our product is the fusion of solar energy, and intelligent sensors on light and human detection.

“Smart Eco-curtain” senses the environmental light according to the user configuration to open or close the curtain. In addition, the microprocessor of the smart eco-curtain can analysis the data collected from the human sensor to detect the human existence. Whenever, the sensor has detected the presence of human, the curtain will automatically close, to protect your privacy.

Our product is suitable for domestic and commercial use (e.g. home, shops, offices, conference rooms, cloakroom, projection screen, etc.). With your favorite curtain fabrics can make unique "smart eco curtain". I hope that you will enjoy a modern high-tech life with our product.

Product Features
  1. Smart Switching — Intelligent use of solar energy and human sensors to determine the opening hours.
  2. Smart Remote control — Single remote control can control 8 sets of curtains, and your audio devices.
  3. Stand-by time switch — can set up to 7 time schedules
  4. Flexible extensibility — our curtain can customize to use up to 2 synchronous motors.
  5. Motor empty cycle protection — when motor is in unloaded condition, the motor will stop within 1 minute. It prevents wrong installation, and hardware fault.
  6. Stretching protection — the motor will stop within 0.5 second under abnormal loading.
  7. Dual power — use of battery power as complementary of solar power.
  8. Low power consumption — use 6V DC. 0.2W when standby, 3-6W for motor movements depend on the curtain fiber materials.
  9. Easy installation — traditional control penal or wireless remote control to the “Smart eco-curtain”. Easily configure the Eco-curtain control ID, time, and location. (Completely DIY)
  10. Safety concept — All you need to open / close the curtain is the remote control. No curtain string, it avoids children from harms.
  11. Environmental Protect — Solar Power with supplement of battery power to save electricity cost.

2006 Hong Kong Awards for Industry:
Machinery and Equipment Design Certificate of Merit

General comments on the product:
“Intelligent Environment Curtain is a modular system provides range of components and functions. These include: the basic light weight low profile motor driven curtain with embedded control, remote control unit, battery power or solar power based on a solar panel. The curtain is also featured with abnormal load protection design: it stops automatically when an abnormal load is detected; the use of a DC motor housed inside the curtain roller to ensure quiet operation.”

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