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Automatic Musical Barbecue
Chicken Wing Griller

This invention put audio, visual and gustatory excellence in a automatic music grill. It is suitable for skewer-grill chicken wings, corn and other foods. Thanks to the built-in micro computer; the grilling mode can be changed according to the type of food and then applying the corresponding appropriate temperature, humidity and time. This patented features can serve to attract customers, improve the quality of the cooked food and make grilling operation user-friendly and convenient.

Attract customers — let the music to control the food grilling. Barbecue food will be made with the grilling synchronized with different music, including the way of revolution and rotation. With different mix of fast & slow tempo and patchwork, the machine operates like a mini stage. At the same time customers can also opt for their own favorite music. So customers will not only hear their favorite music, they can also experience excellent visual enjoyment.

Enhance food quality — the invention aims for three type of excellence the color, smell, and taste: the first is not only to mimic the action of manual barbecue but its turning mode also even outwits it. The second is to approximate charcoal grilling, as the machine temperature and humidity varies in according to control data during operation. The third is to use micro-computer analysis program to automatically adjust the temperature and the timing of grilling pipes at different positions to accommodate different barbecue food, so as to perfect the food in accurate way without loss of its original flavor and color.

Hygiene and improved perception — this machine is equipped with automatic feeding device, with minimal manual operation which helps enhance the hygiene perceived by the prospective customer.

Reduce power requirements and cost — in terms of design, there are two major advantages:

  • The use of single phase power suits general food shops.
  • Power Saving — Japanese micro-computer chip is used to appropriately control the distribution of electric heat. This not only save power, but also make grilling process cost-effective.

Grilling Speed — This machine is operated with touch-screen and full-Chinese menu system which facilitate the commercial use in Chinese communities.

Operation — With touch-screen and on-screen help, operation is user-friendly.

2004 Hong Kong Awards for Industry:
Machinery and Equipment Design Award

General comments on the product:
“This product combines cookingfun with entertainment and is suitable for use restaurants, bars and pubs. The skewers are loaded automatically powered heating coils offer varying power gradient across the skewer. The parameters such as the thickness and moisture level of the food are mesasured by a sonar array, which are processed by the microcomputer. The skewers and carousel can rotate and swing according to the rhythm of the song selected or played on the keyboard. Different songs will generate different movements, resulting in different tastes, flavor and texture of the barbecued food. In addition, other features are built into the barbecue process. This product has good potential for export to the USA as well as the Southeast Asia.”

The first generation of escalators security measurement system
The second generation of escalators security measurement system

Escalator Security Sensing System

Most escalators-related hazard can be effectively deterred and prevented by mixed use of sirens and sensing system. At the entrance of the escalators, some people especially children makes fun of playing with the hand rail along the escalators glide. Accidents usually arise and cause injuries when the hand rail slowly rolled into escalators. Users’ hand will be easily dragged into escalator especially if they lack alertness. With our escalators security measurement system, passers-by and children will be alerted in due course and pull their hands away from the danger zone.

Application of new technologies
The Escalator security sensing system was equipped with acoustic sensing measurement technology. The device emits sound wave every half-second. When the sound waves encounter an obstacle, it will be reflected back to the receiver device. The sensor with intelligent obstacle recognition function, will process various kind of obstacles within the range of the sensing area distinguish between moving obstacles (for example: pedestrians, luggage carts and luggage NRK) and static obstacles (for example: an escalator handrail tape, elevator to platen glass and escalators).

Escalator security sensing system is controlled by microcomputer which can effectively boost system stability. It is not affected by temperature and humidity, which led to system malfunction. In addition, in the case of Thunder and Lightning or power supply problem causing instability, the microcomputer will be swiftly reset to resume normal operation as soon as possible. At the same time, the sensor has a three-dimensional sensing amplitude, instead of point-to-point, sensitive to obstacle in all three dimensions.

Easy to use
For users, the escalators security sensing system is absolutely easy to use. Installation technicians can save complicated installation process. It just required to few simple steps : to have main control box fixed firmly on escalator groove, connect to the sensors, the warning light and buzzer and the then power on. It takes about two hours to complete the installation. Thanks to its planar design, signal lights, switching system and the sensor are all combined into one. Secure Installation just require opening two holes at the mounting plane without ending up any protruded object at outer surface of the mounting plane. The product is indeed easy to use, space-saving with aesthetic appearance.

Cost-effectiveness and marketability
Escalator security sensing system, users can greatly reduce the company's related expenditure and manpower. If there is no system, when the escalator accidents occurs, elevator companies must mobilize sufficient technician in short time to the scene to assist the rescue. Costs, time and manpower spent on injuries and related claim outweighs the savings from installing any security. The number of escalators grows sharply in Hong Kong, including office buildings, residential, hotels, department stores, shopping malls, airports and public facilities, etc ...... The incidence of escalator accident occurring in Hong Kong increased sharply in recent years, the frequency has reached thousand cases, and the escalators security detection system is really in need to prevent accident from mounting. Growing market demand and popularity is certain. At present, the Hong Kong International Airport has installed a hundred sets of escalators to security sensing system, operating smoothly with satisfactory performance. Demand will most likely keep growing due to increased awareness of the escalator user safety.

Safety and Low disruption on surroundings
Escalator security sensing system is a standalone security device for sensing and warning passers-by entering into the danger zone without affecting the normal operation of the escalator. Sensor with high stability for prolonged use, not easily susceptible to overheat and short circuit helps ensure safety. Thanks to microcomputer electronic operation program, its stability is marked by high resistance to various interference from the surrounding environment, such as: ultraviolet, infrared and the temperature difference and so on .... With this device, It does not only enhance escalator users’ safety, but also can directly reduce the cost of medical and insurance companies, brought by the injuries related to the escalator accidents.

Escalator signs and emergency stop system
Escalator Signs & Emergency Stop System

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Electric Truck
Electric Truck

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Electric Truck and Fittings

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